Students supported

The number of students supported has decreased since 2008 because of the economic crisis and difficulty in finding sponsors. In 2008, 68 students were supported, down to 57 in 2009 and 49 in 2010. Distribution ratio between  male & female student is always around 50-50. As very few new students have been enrolled, only one supported students remain in primary school in 2014 compared to 20 in  2008. In the present situation, our first challenge is to ensure to continue to support the 22 students still supported in 2016. Kids have grown up, and today 9 are in secondary school and 13 are in upper education: University (3) or Don Bosco (9) or vocational training (1). If new sponsors are found, new students may be enrolled in the program. An other challenge is to find special support for outstanding students graduating from G12, as higher education at University is very expensive. Even vocational school such as Don Bosco cost over 500 US$/years all costs included.

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