The difficult challenge for poor students to study in Cambodia

Today, a large majority of poor kids are entering primary school, as the budget needed to support their study is quite low. Once students enter secondary school, budget requirements increase significantly as students have to follow private courses if they want to succeed. This is a main burden in Cambodia, where teacher’s salaries are still too low and they need to make “special private courses” at their home to increase their income. Poor students, who cannot afford them, have very little chance to succeed. The price of each course varies from 0.18 US$ per hour in Grade 7-8 to 0.25 US$ in Grade 9-10-11-12. On average a student in secondary school has to attend 4 hours of private tuition per day. This is the main expenditure of the sponsorship provided, which can reach 18 US$ per month for lower secondary and 26 US$ for upper secondary school. Therefore the situation becomes unbearable for poor parents and even more so when they have several kids at school. School drop out percentages are high. In the eraly 2000 in poor areas only a 1/3 of youths enter lower secondary school & less than 20% upper secondary.


It is not possible to help all the poor. But each village has a few outstanding kids who deserve good education and they should not be sent by their parents to cut bamboo in the forest to make income. It is not fair that only the sons & daughters of the well to do can reach higher education.(1 US$ = 4,000 R)

Our priority is to keep smart & poor students at school. They are the gems & gold of Cambodia’s future. The young future Barak Obama of Cambodia is among them!

We need your help to support them

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