Dr. Philippe Program To Support Smart and Poor Students

Is the Kampot Branch of “ Marcel Roy Foundation for Poor Children” which is registered at the Cambodian Ministry of the Interior.

To support a Smart Student is building Cambodia’s Future

Phil ADN 1

3 responses to “Dr. Philippe Program To Support Smart and Poor Students

  1. Gerben Theo Douma

    Dear Dr. Phillipe,

    At the moment I am cycling across SE-Asia, I love to do something back to the people and I really like the concept of smart and poor students. My next trip will be cycling from Darwin to Sydney in Australia. I would like to combine this with a fundraiser. Next week I’ll be in Kampot and I would love to have a look at what, undoubtedly great, work the foundation does for children in Cambodia. Could you send me an email for the possibilities?


    • Hi Douma,
      Sorry to be late, i was moving to new place in PP.
      I will be in Kampot this coming week.
      Nice to meet u when u will be in town.
      U can call me on 012 838739.
      Best regards and Happy Trail.


      • Gerben Theo Douma

        Hi Philippe,

        Thanks for the reply! I don’t have a network here in Cambodia somehow, so I cannot call you. I hope you will read this. At this moment I am in Kampot, hopefully it is possible for you to meet up today because I planned to leave again tomorrow. Otherwise I could also meet tomorrow and stay another day (which is no punishment here 😉). I’m looking forward to your reply.


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